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Now you can finally be prepared for a roadside emergency or accident without having to keep unsafe chemical flares in your trunk.
Is HALO Safety Flare the best roadside safety gear to keep in your car or truck?
Driving isn’t like it used to be when people paid attention to what was happening in front of them. Now drivers are constantly distracted. It seems like every day the news reports another roadside accident that makes you clench when you see a car slam into a car pulled over on the shoulder.
What is HALO Safety Flare?

The Flashing L.E.D. Safety Flare flashes a bright orange warning light to instantly notify drivers to SLOW DOWN and to have extra caution before they speed by you and your family.

Fortunately, there is a brand new solution designed for highway patrol to keep stranded drivers safe until help arrives. It's called the HALO Safety Flare. Visible from over 2,800 feet because of its 15 Advanced L.E.D. lights and 9 unique flashing modes. 

Plus, it is waterproof, floats, and can be driven over by a truck and still keep flashing.

People automatically slow down when they see flashing lights to avoid getting a ticket.

Take advantage of this natural reaction that drivers have to SLOW DOWN when they see flashing lights and use the Flashing L.E.D. Safety Flare to keep you and your family safe.

Keep the L.E.D. Safety Flare in the trunk of your car for a roadside emergency or use them to create a safe play zone for your kids

All you have to do to use them is click a button on the top of the Safety Flare and choose the flashing mode that you want to use. Then just place a few in a row and passing drivers will know that they need to slow down and be cautious.

  • Family Safety
  • Roadside Safety
  • Setting Up Safety Areas
  • Help People Find You
  • Special Event Lines
  • Safety Zones
  • Natural Disaster Safety
Due to overwhelming demand, inventory has been difficult to maintain. As of today there is a limited supply of HALO Safety Flares. Click the orange button below to find out if they are still available.

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